Quick Start

This tutorial will guide you how to quickly convert and preview your own design files using Daruma. Here are two approaches to get you started. The first choice is using Daruma online, requiring no prior coding knowledge. The second involves modifying design files using the capabilities of the Daruma REST API. Don't worry, you can start within a few minutes, regardless of the approach you choose.

Daruma Quick Start

Sign in to Daruma

First, sign in to Daruma. If you already have an account, you can sign in here. New to Daruma? Sign up here.

Upload a new design file

In Daruma Dashboard, click the "Add New" button. Please select a design file from your computer. Currently, we support Figma, Sketch, and Adobe Illustrator.

You can monitor the upload progress, which depends on the size of the design file. After uploading, Daruma will automatically analyze the file and indicate it once successfully parsed.

Preview design file

Now, you can click on the file to preview the entire design file.

Get JSON data

Click on the "More" button of the Daruma file card to obtain the JSON data, which is conforming to VGG Specs. This data can be useful for various purposes related to your workflow.

Daruma API Quick Start