Welcome to the Daruma documentation. Browse our guides and examples to integrate Daruma into your workflow. If you have any questions about anything related to Daruma, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

Daruma is a versatile tool for parsing, converting, and rendering design files. With Daruma, you can easily work with design files from Figma, Sketch, and Adobe Illustrator without needing to have the design tools installed. It allows you to read static and dynamic design data from entire design files and generate JSON data and images for layers, artboards, and elements. Additionally, you can export design files to Daruma format.

Daruma consists of five components that serve as building blocks for your solutions:

  • Import: Easily import design files into Daruma.
  • Convert: Convert the uploaded design files into Daruma files and generate JSON data and image resources.
  • Preview: Preview the server-side rendering images of high quality.
  • Coding: To add layout, interaction, and other dynamic semantics to static design.
  • Export: Convert imported design files and export them to the universal format of Daruma.

Daruma Workflow

Whether you are a developer or a designer, Daruma's comprehensive features and components provide an efficient and seamless workflow, making design integration and collaboration a breeze.

Tips: You can interact with Daruma through Daruma API or SDK. Please use the API during this stage, as we will be releasing the SDK soon. Stay tuned!

Daruma Feedback