VGGShort for Very Good Graphics, the world's first Design-as-Code open sourced engine for application design and development, which allows product designers and developers to efficiently build WebAssembly-compatible applications with graphical user interfaces, speeding up the whole workflow from interface design to code implementation.
Visual editorA graphical interface that allows users to create, modify, and manipulate designs visually, typically using drag-and-drop or interactive tools.
DarumaThe backbone of VGG as a universal design & application format. Its online service is able to parse and convert design files in different formats provided by you into a Daruma formats.
Daruma formatsA set of JSON data specifications which gives clear definitions of not only the design but also the interaction of the final Daruma file.
RenderThe act of generating a visual representation or output of a design file or its elements. Daruma will render all content in your design files.
Design fileA digital container or document that contains all the assets, elements, and information related to a design project, such as artboards, groups, graphics, text, and layout.
Design formatA specific file format or structure used to store and represent design-related data, such as images, vectors, typography, and layout information. It determines how the design elements are organized and can be interpreted by design software or tools.
Frame/ArtboardA container that defines the boundaries of a specific area within a design file, typically used to represent a single screen or page.
PageA distinct section within a design file that contains one or more frames or artboards, representing different screens or views of a design.
LayerA single visual element or object within a design file that can be independently manipulated, organized, and styled.
AssetA digital resource, such as an image, icon, or font, used in a design to enhance its visual appearance or functionality.
Component/SymbolA reusable and customizable design element that can be used throughout a design file, ensuring consistency and efficiency in design workflows.
APIApplication Programming Interface, a set of rules and protocols that allows software applications to communicate and interact with each other.
SDKSoftware Development Kit, a collection of tools, libraries, and documentation that helps developers create software applications for a specific platform or framework.
JSON dataData formatted according to the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) syntax, commonly used for structuring and exchanging data between applications.
ParseThe process of analyzing and interpreting structured data, such as extracting relevant information from a design file.
ConvertThe act of transforming data from one format or representation to another, often to enable compatibility or facilitate further processing.
ImportThe action of bringing external data or resources into a design file or software application for use.
ExportThe process of saving or generating a design file or its contents in a specific format. In Daruma, it will be exported to a unified format.
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