VGGShort for "VeryGoodGraphics", VGG is the world's first Design-as-Code open-source engine for application design and development. It empowers product designers and developers to efficiently build WebAssembly-compatible applications with graphical user interfaces, streamlining the entire workflow from interface design to code implementation.
VGG SpecsA set of JSON data specifications providing clear definitions for both design and interaction aspects.
VGG RuntimeA graphics rendering engine used to render Daruma files and VGG applications.
Developer toolsVGG offers a variety of development tools to meet different developer needs, including VGG SDKs, Plugins, and Containers.
Design as CodeVGG's unique development workflow enables direct application development based on design files without the need to export design data or convert it into code.
DarumaDaruma is a service built on VGG technology, providing design file format conversion, lightweight editing, previewing, and publishing. It seamlessly integrates with VGG to enhance the design and development process.
Design fileA digital container or document that encapsulates all assets, elements, and information related to a design project, including artboards, groups, graphics, texts, and layouts.
Design formatA specific file format or structure used to store and represent design-related data, determining how design elements are organized and interpreted by design software or tools.
ConvertThe action of transforming design file data from one format or representation to another, often to enable compatibility or facilitate further processing.
ImportThe action of bringing external data or resources into a design file or software application for use.
ExportThe process of saving or generating a design file or its contents in a specific format. In Daruma, it will be exported to a unified format.
PreviewDaruma's preview feature allows developers to observe the design effect before publishing. Developers can easily browse, inspect, and ensure that their design appears as desired on various devices and platforms.
TweakDaruma enables developers to make adjustments to designs online using its lightweight editor, enhancing designs with layouts and interactions.
PublishThrough Daruma's publishing feature, developers can publish design files in CDN format to ensure efficient loading and distribution. This enables instant global access, allowing designs to be showcased anytime, anywhere.