Daruma's core technology, Formats, is a JSON-based universal design format. With Formats, users can easily access and modify data in design files. By separating design data from specific tool interfaces, Daruma Formats allows direct access to the data through APIs or other methods. The use of JSON representations for design elements enhances flexibility and usability for users.

No matter which design tool you prefer—be it Figma, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, or any other design file supported by Daruma—you have the ability to seamlessly access and present JSON data from a variety of design files using Daruma. By eliminating the need to download individual design software for each format, you can conveniently inspect the content of these design files. Rather than dealing with multiple formats for different design tools (which can complicate collaboration between designers and developers), you have the option to employ a single, universal design format. Daruma unequivocally stands out as the optimal choice when working with files from diverse design tools, streamlining complexity in the process.

Here, it's important to note that Daruma Formats places a focus on the data separation in design files. Without concentrating too much on the specifics of tool design, it offers fundamental data manipulation interfaces that enable flexible usage and manipulation of data in files. This gives developers additional flexibility and scalability, enabling them to handle designing data more effectively and accelerating development processes.

We continuously develop and support a wide range of file formats and types in order to enable the full range of capabilities offered by Daruma.

P.S.: If you've read the most recent Adobe Illustrator specification format document, which is available for public reading, you know it's a hard nut to crack! Yes, it is true. The most recent version dates from the turn of the century.

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