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A Daruma file contains

Design JSON
Layout JSON
Fonts(coming soon)
Audio/Video(coming soon)
Code(coming soon)
Exported Daruma Elements
Daruma Laser
Daruma Laser
Daruma Laser Branch
Daruma Formats Base


  • Tweak your designs online with our lightweight editor.
  • Enhance your designs with layouts and interactions.
  • Keep up date with your design smoothly with automatic synchronization.
Daruma Formats
Daruma Render Base


  • Instant preview of designs anywhere and anytime.
  • Accurate rendering effects comparable to those of the original software.
  • Help accelerate the review process within your design team.
Daruma Render
Daruma Online Conversion Base
Daruma Online Conversion


  • Distribute your design assets to any platform through CDN.
  • Optimized design assets size and network access.
  • Publish process managed under your control.
Daruma Leaf 1
Daruma Leaf 2

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