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Daruma speeds up your design & develop workflow with an open-standard specification and online conversion service.

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Daruma Formats

Open Standard Specification

Daruma Formats is a union of several carefully-designed JSON formats which are free, open and extensible.

Among them, Daruma Design Format is a universal design format which supports importing and exporting with common design files. It is a universal design IR that you can also utilize by writing generator yourself to obtain the ability to export to any files supported by Daruma automatically.

A Daruma file contains

Design JSON
Layout JSON
Fonts(coming soon)
Audio/Video(coming soon)
Interaction DSL(coming soon)
Exported Daruma Elements
Daruma Laser


Daruma Laser Branch
Daruma Formats Base

Formats Conversion

Daruma is capable to parse design files from multiple design tools and convert them to a unified intermediate representation conforming to our open-standard specification, which is useful for inspection, automation and conversion to other files.

Daruma Formats
Daruma Render Base

Graphics Rendering

Daruma design files are rendered to visual images using our pixel-perfect rendering engine, without the need for the original design software.

Daruma Render
Daruma Online Conversion Base
Daruma Online Conversion

Development Support

Daruma provides API and SDK for seamless integration into your own development workflow for building your own products and services.

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