Design as Code, two worlds united at last!

VGG is an innovative UI toolkit that unites two worlds of design and coding.


Design Formats

  • VGG suports common design formats, including Sketch, Figma**, and Adobe Illustrator*.
  • VGG also provides a unified design format and a set of tools to help you read and understand designs.

Programming Languages

  • VGG supports common programming languages, including JavaScript, C++*, Rust**, Zig**, and Go**.
  • VGG provides unified APIs for all supported languages to treat designs as UIs for development.

Embedded Runtime

  • VGG blurs the boundary between Web and native platforms through embedment into common frameworks.
  • VGG has built-in support for WebAssembly and JavaScript just like a browser, but actually has more.

Collaborative Working

  • VGG has built-in support for collaborative designing and developing.
  • VGG also exports the ability to allow developers to build high-performance collaborative software.

Demo Request

Feel free to contact us by email, asking for a demo or any questions. We'd love to hear from you.